December 20, 2020

What Agreement Does Capulet Make With Paris

to mark that I am attentive to what I say; Eight. Capulet`s confidence that Julia will obey her will and marry Paris stands in stark contrast to her behavior in the first act, Scene 2. At the masked ball, he told Paris that he would only accept the game if Julia agreed. Now, her assurances in Paris about the respect of her devoted daughter are dramatically ironic, because Juliette has already resisted her father`s authority after marrying Romeo that day. Indeed, the older generation is clearly out of touch, since Juliette excludes her marriage to Romeo, although Capulet offers her hand in Paris. Juliet with Lord and Lady Capulet in the production of Romeo and Juliet in 2010. I`m not proud that you organized this wedding, but I`m grateful for you. I cannot be proud of something I do not agree with. But I`m grateful it was done out of love. Although Capulet`s sudden change in attitude seems arbitrary – it does not explain why marriage must be so fast – the decision reflects his relentless and impitable nature, which undoubtedly fuelled the quarrel. Her language also suggests a change in parental concern for her daughter`s emotional maturity in taking into account her material comfort and social status. It`s a clear direction for everyone who plays Julia. In Shakespeare`s day, the drama company would work without a director, so clues like this would have helped them direct the play.

How could you stage this moment? The scene begins with Lady Capulet telling Julia that Lord Capulet arranged her wedding to Paris in four days. Julia refuses to marry and her father threatens to disown her. Julia asks her mother to help her, but she refuses and leaves Julia with the nurse who also tries to convince her to marry Paris. The confrontation between parents and children, youth and age, is the subject of further investigation in this scene, when Julia`s father suddenly decides to marry Paris as soon as possible. While Brother Laurence tried to use the wisdom of his years to encourage the young and impetuous Romeo to be patient and take his time until he could claim his fiancée, Juliet`s father here makes hasty plans for his daughter`s future. Lady Capulet says a few things to contradict her husband in this scene. Why doesn`t she defend Julia anymore? How does she feel in this scene? Get out, you`re wasting space! Disobedience! I`ll tell you what to do: you go to church on Thursday, or I`ll never look at you again: don`t say anything now and don`t answer. My hands are itching to hit something. Capulet, like his wife, made sure his daughter married successfully.