October 13, 2021

Visa Waiver Agreements With China

3. This Agreement shall not affect the possibility for China and member States to extend the period of stay beyond 90 days, in accordance with their respective national and Union law. Therefore, to enter mainland China, all permanent residents and some non-permanent residents of the Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Region, of Chinese nationality, must apply for a mainland travel authorization for hong kong and macao residents (commonly known as “Home Return Permit”), a travel document that also serves as a de facto identity card in mainland China. The authorisation is valid for a period of five years for persons under 18 years of age or 10 years for persons over 18 years of age. All first applicants must submit their applications to the China Travel Service (CTS) facility in Hong Kong or Macau, while subsequent renewals of the authorization can take place either in mainland China or in both SARs. [32] It is not possible to apply for or renew the authorisation outside the PRC. Permit holders can enter mainland China and remain in mainland China indefinitely, although their social benefits are limited, unlike Chinese nationals residing in mainland China. Holders of a Home Return Permit must also obtain a work permit from the local authorities in order to work legally in mainland China. [33] Holders of non-Chinese passports entering Tibet must receive a Tibet Travel Permit (TTP) issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau prior to departure. [134] Although any travel between Tibet and other parts of mainland China is considered domestic travel without immigration control, the TTP is controlled for all non-Chinese passport holders when boarding TAR buses, trains or airlines. 2. The visa waiver provided for in this Agreement shall apply without prejudice to the legislation of the Contracting Parties on conditions of entry and short-stay. Member States and China reserve the right to refuse entry into their territory and to reside briefly in their territory if one or more of these conditions are not met.

3.How can a foreigner eligible for the 72-hour transit visa waiver apply for it? The 6-day visa waiver in Guilin for ASEAN tourist groups was officially completed from May 2015. Nationals of the 10 ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) can join a group of tourists (at least 2 tourists) from their home country and visit Guilin for 6 days without getting a Chinese visa….