April 13, 2021

United Rentals Lease Agreement

Please note “Prices/discounts” above for delivery prices. Please read carefully. This agreement includes a compensation clause, a class action and a waiver from the jury, as well as restrictions on United`s liability. By accepting the delivery of equipment or services (defined below) or the payment (s) to United for the same thing, the customer agrees to be bound by the terms of lease and service and the RPP terms (if applicable), even if the lease and service contract has not been fully executed. United Rentals will remove or disable offensive materials that have been downloaded or submitted by customers, suppliers or other third parties that use its privileges to illegally transfer copyrighted material, without a license, valid defence or fair use privilege being allowed to do so. Unless required by law, United Rentals has the right, but not the obligation to terminate an account which it believes was an instrument of unlawful infringement. In addition, United Rentals has implemented the procedure for receiving written notifications of alleged violations and for processing such claims in accordance with the law. United Rentals respects the intellectual property of others and we ask others to do the same. If you believe that your copyright has been infringed via the site, please contact our legal department or by fax at (203) 622-6080: As detailed in our privacy policy, you must www.unitedrentals.com/legal/privacy-policy disclose certain personal data and financial information in order to use, register and make purchases or rent our website. As a condition of registration on our website, the purchase or rental of products and/or services or transactions, you agree that you first read our Privacy Policy and that you have agreed to collect, use and disclose your personal data, financial information and other information as described in our Privacy Policy.

The terms and conditions of our privacy policy change from time to time and, as a precondition for browsing the site, using features or purchasing or renting, you agree to first check our privacy policy before making purchases or renting or using the site`s functions. a. Definitions. “regulated materials”: any substance or material defined by an environmental law as “dangerous,” “toxic,” “dangerous,” “dangerous,” “contaminating,” “dangerous,” “dangerous,” “waste” or “source of contamination” or “source of contamination” or “source of a “pollutant” or other stored substance; Production, disposal, processing, production, use, transport, remediation or release into the environment, whose prohibition, control, regulation or authorization are under environmental legislation or whose presence in the soil or groundwater of the property exceeds the current industrial and commercial standards established from time to time by the government authorities.” “Environmental Act”: all federal statutes, regulations, statutes, environmental approvals, ordinances or regulations, as well as any directive or direction from a state or regulatory agency or agency, as well as any common law requirements or obligations regarding the environment and the transportation of dangerous goods and the transportation of dangerous goods and the transportation of dangerous goods and the protection of health in the workplace. They recognize that rental and service conditions may change over time [in whole or in part] and agree to be related to this version of the rental and service conditions used at the time of any rental, sale or service transaction in the country where the purchase or lease is made. Conditions of rental and service conditions (including the RPP (if applicable) are included. If you have any questions, please contact us directly before closing a transaction on the site. Place orders directly at the local branch. To find your local branch, locations.unitedrentals.c