October 11, 2021

This Agreement Is Supplemental To

The slots for passenger trains, referred to under the sub-headings `Peak hours` and `secondary traffic hours`, are constituent elements and are not additional to the slots listed under the heading `day of the week`. In Schedule 5, Table 4.1, the grounds of appeal are deleted and replaced by the version set out in Schedule 3 to this Addendum. For example, if the contracting parties sign a confidentiality and confidentiality agreement, it may be necessary to draw up an amendment at a later date in order to clarify the information subject to the confidentiality rules. This would not mean a modification of the original agreement, but would broaden the intended importance of the original treaty. It is therefore obvious that endorsements can be very useful in ensuring an adequate understanding of a specific part of a contract. The key to these agreements is to make it more than clear which section of a contract needs to be explained. The first approach is more concise and has the advantage of depriving it precisely of the change made. The disadvantage would be that the amendment is disconnected from the context, which places the onus on the reader to also consult the underlying agreement. The second approach, which reformulates the entire amended provision, avoids this problem.

A happy medium would be to describe the amendment in the recitals. An endorsement can be used in different circumstances. As the name suggests, an endorsement is usually used to supplement another existing agreement. It is therefore normally a secondary agreement that is used to supplement a primary agreement. In some situations, it may be useful for the parties to use an amendment to amend a contract or a supplement to supplement a contract. However, an endorsement is often used to explain a particular aspect of a contract, without actually modifying the original agreement. Newly defined agreements. Sometimes, often after many years, the parties wish to continue an existing relationship, but with certain modifications to the existing contract (for example. B in order to adapt the contract to more recent compliance standards, to better adapt the contract to actual business practices or to compensate for established ambiguities). In this case, the entire contract can be replaced by an adapted and modified contract.

This would only be visible in the title of the contract, probably in the “during” clause and in an entire contractual clause (i.e. which terminates the old contract). The name of this type of contract is quite self-explained. In a compensation agreement, the parties indicate the amount of money paid to the other party as compensation for the execution of a measure.