December 17, 2020

Stock Purchase Agreement With Promissory Note

Management maintains a list of licensed service providers. Service providers include trust/title companies, mortgage lenders and brokers, appraisers and general contractors. Licensed service providers must have an active license, a business certificate or good quality proof in the state where they conduct transactions, as well as the necessary insurance. Real estate is defined as incorrigible and improved land, land with a (s) structure (s), fixed residence in the countryside, mobile home on the ground, modular house in the countryside, conventional structure (i.e. house built). b) the ability to take on economic risks. The buyer recognizes that an investment in securities represents a high risk and is able for them to hold the securities for an indeterminate period and suffer a total loss of his investment without significantly affecting his financial situation. Among these assumptions, the fair value of the debt, with a face value of $800,000, is $726,000, reflecting a 9.2% discount on face value. In the event of a cash payment, the shareholder would receive consideration for a remunerated value of $926,401.78, or 7.4% below the fair value of the share sold. (e) communications. All necessary or admissible communications must be accompanied by a written or admissible communication: (a) in the event of personal notification to the party to be notified, (b) in the case of confirmed fax transmission, if they are transmitted in writing during the recipient`s normal opening hours, if not the next business day, or c) one (1) day following the deposit with a nationally recognized night courier, with indication of the next day`s delivery, with reception check.

All communications must be forwarded as follows: the buyer has consulted with his own legal, accounting, tax, investment and other advisors regarding the tax treatment of a buyer`s investment in securities and the benefits and risks of an investment in securities. (g) full agreement; The successor. This agreement and the exhibits constitute the complete and comprehensive agreement between the parties on the matters covered for this purpose, and no party is responsible or bound, in any way, to the other party by assurances, guarantees, alliances and agreements, unless it is expressly included. The representations, guarantees and agreements contained in this Agreement are mandatory for the beneficiaries of the transfer, the heirs and the legal representatives of the purchaser and benefit the respective beneficiaries and beneficiaries of the contracting parties, as well as their directors and senior managers. (a) any breach or inaccuracy of the buyer; (a) Under the conditions and conditions set out, the purchase and sale of the shares (the “financial statements”) is made at the discretion of the sellers upon receipt of the minimum offer (the “closing date”), with closures taking place at regular intervals, at the seller`s discretion, until the maximum offer is sold. From the effective date to the first close, Alpine`s subscriptions are maintained until the minimum offer is received. In the case of a personal real estate used as collateral against the loan, a clear right to the asset must be transferred to the credit facility before being loaned to the borrower. The clear title is defined as the original title with bill of sale executed. The credit facility may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis, as long as it relates to the security, where the borrower provides, at his discretion, proof that he is the rightful owner of the asset and that the assets are not currently mortgaged or guaranteed.