October 7, 2021

Service Level Agreement Tusla

Four key areas have been identified to integrate and improve prevention and early intervention into the policies, service delivery and practices of children and adolescents, and these four areas under What Works are: each organisation can voluntarily submit its Child Safety Declaration by email to the Child Safeguarding Statement Compliance Unit (CSSCU), csscu@tusla.ie to ensure itself and its users, that their Child Safeguarding Statement meets the requirements of the Children First Act, 2015. Projects with balances on initial funding should not apply for additional funding. These resource expenditures should be finalised so that they can be integrated into the knowledge exchange platform “What Works” in order to make them accessible to the children and youth sector. An evaluation group evaluates each application on the basis of the details provided and the progress of the project on the basis of the initial objectives. Completed application forms received by commissioning@tusla.ie must be submitted to whatworks@dcya.gov.ie by the deadline of Monday, August 19, 2019 at 5 p.m. Late applications are not accepted. Tusla has developed a commission strategy that outlines a framework for prioritization based on needs analyses, consultations and audits, taking into account all the Agency`s resources, the legal tasks assigned by legislation and what can be provided by partner agencies and legal organisations to support the continuum of care at local and national levels. A large number of private and voluntary agencies are mandated by Tusla, Child and Family Agency to provide services on their behalf at local, regional or national level. By completing the self-assessment tool, you can identify areas that need a bit of work or find out that you want to access support. Informal questions should be addressed to Lorraine Donohoe (Commissioning Unit, Tusla) on 01 771 8500. SEED: Test a new idea to improve one of the following five national outcomes for children and adolescents and/or the specific cross-cutting themes described in the Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures Transformational Goals. This policy area will support less proven, new and creative approaches to intractable problems that penalise children and young people in Ireland.

It is an initiative of Tusla`s Child and Youth Participation Strategy 2019-2023. Funded through dormant accounts, the What Works was developed by the Department of Child and Youth Affairs to take a coordinated approach to improving capacity, knowledge and quality in prevention and early intervention for children, young people and their families, with a focus on those at risk of poor outcomes. The initiative is centred on the desire to promote the ongoing curiosity of those working to improve the lives of children and young people in Ireland. .