October 6, 2021

Sap Partial Delivery Agreement

This confirmation proposal depends on the availability and the copy rule of the results defined in the customizing. In customizing, you can choose z.B. between single delivery, complete delivery and delivery proposal. Position 10, Order quantity = 30, delivery date = 20.08.2011Line position 20, Order quantity = 30, delivery date = 22.08.2011Line item 30, Order quantity = 30, delivery date = 24.08.2011 4. Your comment – “The Partial delivery position (VBAP-KZTLF = A) field does not work since the order position is closed after the first delivery.” You`re going to deliver VA02, aren`t you? SAP will take you to a picture of the delivery. Here you can change the quantity you want to supply. That`s how you do partial shipping. The system reacts differently depending on the subcontracting license plate placed in a control position. The different reactions are illustrated using the following example. You put a delivery for an order station of 10 units.

There are only 5. If the system accepts under-delivery, so that the quantity at the exit of the goods is sufficient according to the under-delivery tolerance, the license plate is automatically completed for the account. B – Make only one delivery (even in quantity =0) In case of under-delivery within the tolerance limit, the license plate is automatically terminated for the account, so that no downstream process (plan order, manufacturing order, etc.) is triggered in the delivery person. The setting of the partial delivery of the customer or the work of reception is proposed when values valid for the purchase are deposited there. In the customer you can set the following values: I can understand why the concept that works for Inquiry does not work in the same way for the customer order (+delivery), because these 2 do not work in the same way! In addition, the user has simply NOT – yet – fully “executed” the client`s order; This is the agreement between your company and your customer. &the execution of this contract is delivery. If you enter the full delivery license plate X, you must put the license plate of the part on C (no partial delivery is allowed). . . .