December 12, 2020

Mahcp Collective Agreement Grace Hospital

Some of the benefits that MNU members receive are not provided in the collective agreement, but are provided by pension and fiduciary benefits boards: STATMENT: Another Union will tell you that the winning collective agreement does not matter, because we are going from scratch, because the government really wants us to be under a single contract. FALSE – that`s not true. There is not a single Union that allows the government to simply abolish what has been negotiated in the past. It`s like starting to negotiate a first contract. That`s not going to happen. This is the third time that rural health authorities have held representation votes (2000 and again in 2012) and each time there was a collective agreement that was used to negotiate. Although about two-thirds of the members of the MAHCP Central Table voted in favour of ratifying the interim agreement, five bargaining units rejected the proposed transaction. The Public Services Sustainability Act: Today, unions and the government have come together in court to address this challenge. This legal challenge does not require any salary increase or improvement of our collective agreement. What we are asking for is that we be able to make these improvements, as we do. This bill has removed that right, which goes against the Canadian Bill of Rights. If you contact someone by email, please list your workplace as a CCMB. With 14,000 members and nearly 60 different sites, this is important information, so we know to whom the email should be transmitted.

Since CCMB has its own locations in so many different hospitals please always list CCMB. As an employer that is the most important information, not on which website you are on. If you specify only “Misericordia” or “St Boniface,” your email will be treated as if you were a Misericordia Hospital or St Boniface Hospital Member, not a member of the CCMB. The majority of the members of the Central Table bargaining units who voted ratified the collective agreement. The following collective agreements have new collective agreements that run from April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2014. This MOA was negotiated with all health unions. The MOA ensures that members` rights are protected by any collective agreement and provides financial compensation in the event of a temporary transfer. A copy of the MOA design is added (in the signature process). Some, whether you work after 4:00 or maybe even 16:15, will see a clue land in your work inbox announcing that the dental plan premium will increase. Some of you know that on December 13, 2019, HSC also announced that its premiums would also increase effective January 30, 2020. The CCMB and HSC are the only entities within the PHCC collective agreements that fall under our dental plan.

All other facilities use HEBP dental.