December 11, 2020

Ketentuan Repurchase Agreement

(8) With the validity of this circular, the provisions relating to the commercial operations of indonesia bank certificates on the basis of the secondary market pension are revoked and invalidated. We are ready to handle any complaints or other requests from you b. Securities that can be submitted will have 2 working days for SBI and SPN or 10 working days for ON, including ORI and ZCB, from the date of the repurchase transaction. B. The value of the first step is calculated as follows: – For ON including ORI, namely: “Nominal value of repokan securities x (price – haircut) ” – value of accrued interest ON, which is repokan. B. Securities that can be re-issued are securities issued by Indonesia Bank, the government and/or other institutions that are managed in the Banking System Indonesia – Scripless Securities Settlement System. – Automatically process SUN series that have not been purchased by the bank as sales at the end of direct sales via BI-SSSS. The transaction guarantees securities to finance 1. In order to extend the types of securities that can be traded under the Pension Agreement (Repo), Bank Indonesia published on 31 January 2008 the circular letter 10/2/DPM of The Bank Indonesia concerning pension transactions with Indonesia Bank on the secondary market as a settlement of the Bank Indonesia Regulation on Open Market Operations. B. The repurchase transactions are carried out on secondary market 9, in accordance with the principle of the sale and purchase of Indonesia Bulletin No.

10/2/DPM of 31 January 2008 concerning pension transactions with the bank in Indonesia on the secondary market 9. The provisions of this circular come into effect on February 1, 2008. A. The settlement of repurchase transactions via the bi-SSSS facility is carried out by the transaction settlement mechanism (gross to gross) f. In the event that the bank is unable to meet its obligations at the second stage of the transaction date, the accounted securities are billed as follows: a. Securities that can be repokan are securities owned by the bank in the form of SBI and/or SUN, as they are included in the BI-SSSS trading account. d. Indonesia Bank determines the selling value of the securities on the basis of face value and price in accordance with the BI-SSSS. – For SBI, SPN and ZCB, that is: face value of Securities repokan x (Price – Hair Cut) e. To determine the settlement value of Repo Sales, Indonesia Bank determines the amount of hair cut for each type of securities. Customers can cover themselves with a tenor b in the short or long term. the obligation to pay 10/00 (one per thousand) of the face value of cancelled transactions or a maximum of Rp 1,000,000,000(one billion rupees); and/or e.

If the bank is unable to meet its obligations in the sense of d), the bank is subject to sanctions against the OPT. c. The repurchase agreement (repo) transaction is a conditional transaction of the sale of securities by the bank to Indonesia Bank, with a debt obligation, depending on the price and period agreed. d. Indonesia Bank uses Hair Cut as a factor in reducing the price of securities v. Securities v. Securities, which may be charged by the bank at most equal to the face value of the securities belonging to the bank on the first business day prior to the transaction date. The temporary suspension of participation in OPT`s activities for 5 (five) working days in the event that the bank is subject to a written warning sanction for cancelling any transaction of OPT`s activities for the third time over a period of 6 (6) months has. Repo with Indonesia Bank is intended for commercial banks operating in conventional commercial activities. Can be used to support the portfolio management of hedging instrument bonds based on portfolio options at a relatively lower cost. The price of securities used for first-phase transactions is equal to the price of the securities used to calculate the second stage transactions.