April 9, 2021

Fairfax County Separation Agreement

In Virginia, the separation is different from that of other states. In Virginia, there is no signed legal document stating that you and your spouse are separated. Instead, you will be separated as soon as you stop living together, and you intend the separation to be permanent. It is also possible to have a separation in one`s own home, where the spouses continue to live together for the sake of the children or because of the financial difficulties of living separately. Some couples live in separate residences but do not formally divorce because they fear that a divorce will emotionally harm their children. Many spouses must try to live separately before divorce. Other spouses may remain married but remain separated for religious reasons. Afsana Chowdhury`s law firm will check your situation and explain what is needed to establish your spouse`s separation. If a couple does not have minor children and has signed an agreement to solve all the problems in their case, they will only have to wait six months before submitting. This is the only exception, otherwise the separation period will have to exceed one year. Their undisputed divorce can be as simple as needing a basic marital settlement agreement and then filing a divorce for a period of one year or six months of separation. But often, the agreement you need is more complex and requires an analysis of your real estate, investment accounts, age funds and tax issues, in addition to child care and assistance. We can help you decide whether a separation agreement is best for you or whether it would be best for you to challenge your divorce in court.

Don`t risk signing up for something that could affect your entire future without receiving legal advice beforehand. Yes, yes. Like any other legal contract, you will benefit greatly from the review of your final agreement by an experienced family rights defender. Even if your agreement seems simple, you want someone who is aware of Virginia`s separation laws to ensure that your interests are protected. Most references to the word separation are based on the legal status of separation and not on a divorce from bed and board. If the parties are not legally divorced and one of them has a sexual relationship with someone outside of marriage, they could theoretically be prosecuted in Virginia for committing a crime. It is important to know the requirements when entering into a separation agreement in Fairfax.