April 7, 2021

Agreement Kereta Hilang

i ade car persona in 2012 , I found a member to make a payment to depo rm5500 in 2013 by the commissioner of oath loan to ic, from 2013 to 2017, he had 22 police summonses and jpj , every suit he received I advise him quick to settle, but he bussiness man said buzy to a hilly suit, but canta pay cantek every month, then suddenly last month he said he wanted to return the car to i, sbb bussines is even financially stable now Keta`s debt remained 20k only, I take no problem the Keta, but his suit does not say should, how to pay, he scam does it now? How can I get him all his suits? I had to take him to the station because I was afraid he wouldn`t get the plate back. That`s right. But in the connection agreement, the buyer does not take the car without the owner`s permission, even the owner allows the buyer to bring it. In other words, the owner cannot make a police report saying that his car is lost because the buyer brought the car with the knowledge and permission of the owner. The buyer is not actually insured by the insurance policy if the buyer`s name is not included in the car subsidy. This problem can be corrected by adding the buyer`s name as the second driver. However, a major problem will arise when the owner of the vehicle dies because the car belongs to the owner`s heir. In reality, the loan is owned by the bank until the loan is settled. When the loan is settled, the property is granted to the owner.

But when the owner of the car leaves the world, the ownership of the car is changed from the owner to the heir of the owner, if the closest relatives does not want to give to the buyer. If you can sell the car and the price can cover the car bill, then the problem will be solved. Have you tried talking directly to the bank? After selling the car, I found the car with a deposit of RM26,000 sold. To remove the car, the bank must make another request to obtain the recall order, since the payment is more than 75% of the cash price of the vehicle. Many car buyers in this connection system now face a major problem, that is, they have sold cloned cars. A doctor from Alor Setar was the victim of a sale with a clone car. 2.The owner of the car is liable if the buyer does not pay the loan rates Free translation: Illegal sale of the car by the tenant 38. Any person guilty of an offence under this Act in the event of the release or sale of goods (in our car case) contained in the rental contract or by removing them, of deception or attempt to deceive the owner, is punished with a fine of up to 30,000 RM or a maximum prison sentence of three years or both. Section 16(2) (in the red box) indicates that the owner is not obligated to comply with section 16, paragraph 1, to remove the vehicle where there is reason to believe that the goods (car) contained in the lease-sale are moved or concealed by the tenant, which is in conflict with the terms of the contract, but the charge or liability TOVE THE LIES WITH THE OWNER/BANK. If there are surpluses, we can also ask for the surplus.

However, the price is expensive relative to the market value. I remember the renewal price for the agreed price for my car is above RM 4000. It should be noted that the purchased car will remain under the name of the owner of the vehicle and not the buyer once the connection payment contract has been concluded. If the buyer does not pay the payment, the owner must bear and pay the credit. This has an impact on the credit score, which may affect the loan to be granted in the future. In fact, all traffic offences or charges are carried by the owner of the vehicle.